As part of the Offer and Acceptance Contract the seller should note any unlicensed structures such as sheds, pergolas or garages etc.

Once you have viewed your potential property, make a note of pergolas, sheds, pools, spas etc so that you can ask the real estate agent or the seller if these have the relevant approval.

If there is a structure that is unlicensed you can request as part of the conditions on the contract that the seller obtain the relevant approvals before settlement.

You may however, choose to waive the approval and leave the structure unapproved. In this case should the council for any reason chose to inspect the property and find that you have an unlicensed structure, they may issue an order for the structure to either be brought into a condition where the structure conforms to the relevant approval or in extreme circumstances they may issue an order whereby the structure must be demolished and this will be at your cost.

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