Wood Borers and other Termites attack wood. However the damage caused is significantly different from the damage caused by subterranean termites.

Most contracts for the sale of established homes will have a clause or annexure for a timber pest inspection report to be carried out. The cost of this is the buyers, however if damage is found the costs of repairs is the sellers.

This report should be read carefully so that you understand the implications and ramifications of the scope of a timber pest inspection and timeline involved.

The purpose of the Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report is to assist you – the Client to identify and understand any Timber Pest issues observed at the time of inspection.

Before you buy a house in Perth, you should have a timber pest inspection report prepared to make sure the property is not infested by termites or other timber pests.

A pre purchase timber pest inspection in Perth should be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 which is a nationally accepted standard for timber pest inspections and reports.

Your Real Estate Agent can usually organize your Pest Inspection, but you do have the right to choose your own Pest Inspection company, as the cost of this inspection can vary considerably.

Having said that, it is worth getting the report done as soon as possible to firstly put your mind at rest knowing the building is termite free, and secondly to give you time to assess your situation should termites be found.

Always read your Termite Clause on your Offer and Acceptance carefully, as many of these are written in such a way that only the dwelling will be covered in the clause, and should termites be found in a tree stump, wood pile or shed, this may not be covered by the clause.

Your Timber Pest Inspection will be very comprehensive, however the inspector will not move furniture or boxes, or inspect inaccessible areas, which might include concealed frame timbers, eaves areas concealed by concrete floors, wall linings landscaping, (such as mulch) insulation etc.

Your inspection report will have a recommendation that a treatment or further inspections should be scheduled, and it is a good idea to consider this.

Remember to read your Termite Clause carefully when you sign your Offer and Acceptance, as these often have time restrictions. Once you get your report, read it carefully and if termites are found do not delay in calling your settlement agent and real estate agent to notify them that the report reveals termites present. You may only have a certain amount of days (sometimes as little as three days) to give the seller notice that you wish the problem remedied.

According to the terms of the termite clause the seller may choose not to remedy the problem and the contract will come to an end, and you should receive your deposit back. Many times the problem is a small one, and the seller will remedy this and proceed with the sale.

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