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Utility connections with Fast Connect

In addition to our standard settlement services, we can assist you with opening and closing of utility accounts with various providers in Western Australia. This service is facilitated through a convenient, seamless and stress free digital process powered by Fast Connect.

Choice of providers is entirely yours. The offers presented have no lock-in contracts so you remain free to change providers at any time. Any special promotional deals or offers are provided at the discretion of the utility provider and cannot be negotiated by (AgencyName).

All future ongoing invoicing and payments related to your utility accounts are to be made directly to your utility service provider. (AgencyName) and Fast Connect do not keep records of your utility account information.



About Fast Connect

Fast Connect is Australia’s leading connections service provider servicing customers moving home anywhere in Australia. Partnering with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers Western Australia (AICWA), Fast Connect offers a portal for assisting settlement agents provide utility services to homebuyers and sellers across Western Australia.

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The information provided about Fast Connect is solely for general information purposes only. It is not intended to be a complete description of all the terms, conditions and exclusions applicable to the utility services. We are unable to provide any advice regarding the various utility service providers. You should contact the utility provider directly for specific advice in relation to their service.

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